Always the latest technologies, reliably and efficiently.

We handle software projects starting from specification, all the way through execution and life-cycle management. Our developers stay ahead of the curve with technology choices making sure your application is always ready for further development. If you think it cannot be done or it's too expensive.. we're especially interested!

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Outdated app or system with the original developer long gone? One of our specialities is turning an ancient codebase into development ready project in no time. Our every day work involves building modern web services and APIs around legacy software and sometimes even completely refactoring the code. 

Today's fast-paced development cycle and multi-vendor environments require real agility from the subcontractors. Due to our extremely dynamic development process, we are able to match our clients needs regardless of project size. We will take care of a quick code review as well as years long development project.


Fields of Industry


  • Food
  • Metal Tooling & Machinery
  • Plastics
  • Tires

Electric Grids / Smart Grids

  • Hardware vendors
  • Grid maintainers

Logistics and Warehouse Management


Technologies & Expertise

Programming Languages

JavaScript | Java | C | C++ | C# | Golang | Python | Haskell | Ruby


React.js + Redux | Angular | Dropwizard | Spring Boot | .NET |  RoR | Django


Android | iOS | Xamarin | React Native


IntelliJ | Visual Studio | Docker | Jenkins | Vagrant | Maven | npm | clang-*

Databases & Big Data

MySQL / MariaDB | Postgresql | MSSQL | MongoDB | InfluxDB | Elasticsearch | Hadoop / Spark / Hive / etc. 

Testing Methods

Language specific unit testing tools | Selenium for E2E