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Cloud is not just virtual machines running in datacenter or the corner of office anymore. Today's IT-infrastructure consists of on-premise servers, co-located virtual machines as well as private- / public cloud resources ranging from databases to microservice clusters. All this can be at best confusing but great performance and financial benefits can be achieved with appropriate IT-architecture. 

We work constantly with cloud services of our own and our customers. Contact us for a quick review or comprehensive transformation to modern cloud:

Built on technologies developed by cloud industry pioneers such as Google and hosted in secure datacenters in Finland. Jubic Appcloud is a perfect cloud environment for websites, API services and all public cloud apps. Appcloud offers all features of a modern cloud platform combined with transparent and agile support. All services are easily transferable between Appcloud and other cloud providers such as AWS & Azure.

While offering our own cloud services, we know when to rely on 3rd party providers such as AWS and Azure. Trusted by millions of customers, these international cloud platforms can handle applications and loads of all sizes. When considering the benefits of public and private cloud solutions, it is essential to have the knowledge of the most common providers.


Fields of Industry

Based On

Kubernetes | OpenShift | Linux | Bare Metal blade-servers

Decentralized Cluster

Datacenters at Helsinki / Espoo


  • Extensive App Catalog
  • Customer Tailored Templates
  • Minute-based Billing
  • Enhanced Security
  • Development Tools
  • Terminal Access
  • Automated Scaling / Load Balancing
  • DevOps Ready
  • SSL Automation (Let's Encrypt)

100% Finnish Infrastructure

Jubic Appcloud


Technologies & Expertise

Amazon Web Services

EC2 | ELB | EBS | S3 | VPC | CloudFront | Lambda | more..


Virtual Machines | Service Fabric | SQL | Table Storage | Search | IoT Hub | more..

Kubernetes & OpenShift

Development | Consultation | On-premise deployments | Public / private cloud deployments

OpenStack & FOSS infrastructure automation