Meet the team

One of our greatest advantages is the open-mindedness originating from the company's early days. We work effortlessly in situations, where the project’s initial purpose is unclear and even our client may not be certain of the desired outcome. We aim to always bring something new to all of our projects keeping in mind the proven operating models.

All of our personnel from sales to project management and execution know how to code. That means you get exactly what is promised without any communication issues. Our coders communicate directly with the customer since they are always up to date with the ongoing project. With us you are not stuck with customer support or help desk.

Jubic is a multitalented IT company founded by two tech students in 2014. Started as a cloud service company we have quickly grown to be a comprehensive technology developer though industry demand and passion for technology. Today we are growing steadily while making sure we maintain the undisputed quality of our work.


Matti Rita-Kasari

CEO & Partner
040 072 3035
Vilppu Vuorinen

CTO & Partner
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Niko Lehto

Software & Cloud
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Jesse Ikola

Software, Cloud & Cybersecurity
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Aleksandr Tereshchenko

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Teemu Huhtala

040 411 2724

Aleksi Gold

Software & Cloud

040 937 2211